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We are proud to announce that Schaef Air has been named as a Diamond Elite Contractor by Mitsubishi Electric, the highest level for ductless mini split dealers!

Traditionally, Mitsubishi Mini Splits have been used for compact spaces where spot heating and cooling is necessary. But in the last few years, mini split systems have become more popular. Many homeowners prefer to install mini split systems because they are energy efficient; they allow you to air condition or heat any room independently of the others; and they allow you to install systems in homes where traditional ducting is difficult to install. Several models in this category are Energy Star Certified. This means you will save even more money on your utilities.

If you have an area in your home that is warmer or cooler than it should be? Our mini-split units can provide extra cooling capacity for those hard-to-cool areas. From a commercial standpoint, their compact size makes them ideal for small offices by providing individual temperature control.

Wall Mounted

Floor Mounted

Slim Duct


Flex Zone Systems (2 to 8 Zones)

Multi Position Air Handler

These are just a few of the Ductless Systems we install and service. For more information please call us at 909-944-5111.